Harnessing Dynamic Content Book Club

Harnessing Dynamic Content gets a book club!

The best of both worlds, a comprehensive digital book that gives you the scoop on all things Dynamic Content, plus an 8-week interactive book club to dive into the content, ask questions and grow your knowledge.

The book club approach is intended to help further your understanding of the topics discussed by guiding you through sections week by week, culminating each week with a discussion on the topic where you can ask questions, identify opportunities and take away real, actionable solutions.

Jason Oesterly
Author, Harnessing Dynamic Content

Greg Jenkins

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About The Book

Not just a guide to Liquid coding syntax…

Harnessing Dynamic Content covers Keap’s implementation of Liquid coding, including:

Dynamic Content vs Merge Fields

Dynamic Content vs Decision Diamonds

Testing/Implementation Strategies

Create Emails That Target Multiple Segments

Fine Tune Your Segments With Increased Precision

Using Filters To Customize Content

Variations Between Keap versions

…And a Whole Lot More

Use Cases — plenty of them — along with ready-to-use, pre-built, annotated Liquid code samples

Streamline Campaigns

  • Learn how to identify unnecessary duplicate sequences and emails.

  • See examples that can simplify campaigns and reduce ongoing maintenance cost.

  • Master the art of creating a single email for multiple audiences based on limitless segmentation criteria.

About The Book Club

Designed To Increase Comprehension And [something about taking action]

Group meetings will be held weekly via Zoom.  During the meetings, we’ll discuss the major topics coverd by the weekly reading, talk about practical implementations, discuss challenges and answer questions.

Archives of the meetings will be accessible should you have a conflict.

The tentative weekly schedule is shown below:

Week 1 – Introduction (Jan 12)
Week 2 – Dynamic Content Editor (Jan 19)
Week 3 – Dynamic Content Constructs – Part 1 (Jan 26)
Week 4 – Dynamic Content Constructs – Part 2 (Feb 2)
Week 5 – Subject Lines and Preview Text (Feb 9)

Week 6 – Conditionals and Loops (Feb 16)
Week 7 – Use Cases – Part 1 (Feb 23)
Week 8 – Use Cases – Part 2 (Mar 2)
Bonus – Misc Q&A (Mar 9)

About The Facilitators

About Jason Oesterly

Jason Oesterly is a software developer and small business advocate with 20-plus years experience creating software solutions to business challenges.  His introduction to Keap (at the time, Infusionsoft), occurred in 2011 as he began working with Keap users to help them streamline their processes by integrating Keap with their business’ other systems.  In 2015, Jason became a Keap Certified Partner.  Jason has continued to grow his knowledge of Keap and the power it brings to its users.

Jason simultaneously began working with Shopify in 2011.  At that time, he was introduced to Liquid coding, the technology upon which Keap’s Dynamic Content is built.  Since Dynamic Content’s introduction in early 2020, Jason has worked to promote its potential by providing technical guidance and sample code to the Keap community.  In March 2020, Jason created the Liquid Mastery Facebook group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/liquidmastery) with the goal of further spreading knowledge of Dynamic Content and the considerable opportunity it offers.  In November 2020, Jason presented on Dynamic Content at IKON 2020 and has since presented on the topic via webinar and Facebook Live.

“As someone who has been in the Keap Community for 10 years, there have been a handful of times over the years where a problem requires advanced technical strategy. Jason is unequivocally my go-to person when these unique situations arise. He has a rare combination of understanding what the user is reaching for and combines it with his unmatched technical knowledge to get it done. Now with Dynamic Content available to us, we need someone who has years of building advanced custom solutions to show us the light, and I’m glad we have Jason to shine a light on what’s possible here, because I know it can change small business forever, as Jason has for the clients he works with.”

Mychal Edelman, Senior Coach Keap Academy

About Greg Jenkins

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“Dynamic Content is the most powerful feature Keap has released since they rolled out campaign builder in 2012.”

Greg Jenkins, Monkeypod Marketing

Learn What Dynamic Content Is

...and how it's different from Merge Fields and Decision Diamonds

Dynamic Content Provides New Opportunities

Simplifying campaigns and making it possible to further segment your audiences, Dynamic Content creates many new opportunities for email marketing strategies.

Liquid Code Concepts

Simplifying the concepts of Liquid coding

Making Sense Of Liquid Coding

Dynamic Content uses Liquid coding to achieve results, but not everyone is a “coder.”  Learn what you need to know to accomplish your goals with Dynamic Content without being intimidated by technical details.

Use Cases, Lots Of Them

Use Cases show Dynamic Content in action

Examples You Can Apply

Use Cases can help make sense of how you can apply Dynamic Content to your email marketing strategy.  Ready-to-use examples make it easy to do.